Emperor Kinmei

Kimmei (Japanese钦明 天皇, Kimmei - tennō; * 509, † April 15 571 ) was the 29th Tenno of Japan ( 539-571 ). He was a son of Emperor Keitais and Princess Tashiraka. He was the father of Emperor Bidatsu and Iwahime ( a daughter of Emperor Senka ) Yomei, Sushun and Suiko and the grandfather of the constitutional legislator Shōtoku Taishi.

After Emperor Senka died, Yamada was ( the wife of Emperor Ankans ) to the heir to the throne. She was defeated and deposed by the young Kimmei.

In the book Nihon Shoki is that Buddhism came at this time from Korea to Japan. During the reign of Kimmei Mimana Japan lost to Korea, which subsequently became a colony of Korea. Kimmei is today regarded as a characteristically problematic person.

  • Tennō
  • Born 509
  • Died 571
  • Man