Emperor Momozono

Kaiser Momozono (Japanese桃园 天皇, Momozono - tennō; * April 14, 1741; † August 31, 1762 ) was the 116th Tenno of Japan. His own name was Tōhito (遐 仁). He was a son of Emperor Sakuramachi and Anekōji Sadako (姊 小路 定子). In 1747 he ascended the throne, succeeding his father, he reigned until his death 1762nd

Momozono was married to Empress Ichijō Tomiko (一条 富 子), they had two sons. One of them was the later Emperor Go - Momozono. Momozonos grave is located in Tsukinowa no misasagi (月 轮 陵).

  • Tennō
  • Born in 1741
  • Died in 1762
  • Man