Emperor Wu of Jin

Sima Yan (Chinese司马炎, Pinyin Sīmǎ Yan), style name Anshi (安 世, Ān shì; * 236, † May 17 290 ) was the son of Sima Zhao and thus the grandson of Sima Yi. He ruled as Jin Wudi (Chinese晋武帝/晋武帝, Pinyin Jin wǔ dì ) about China. He ascended as the first emperor of the Jin dynasty to the throne after he had previously deposed the last emperor Cao Huan Wei. He reigned 265-290, and after he had destroyed the Empire of Wu in 280, the unification of China was completed. Emperor Wu was known for his flamboyance and sensitivity, especially after the unification of China. About his inordinate power of the legend goes, he had over ten thousand concubines.

Emperor Wu is generally regarded as generous and gentle ruler, but also as wasteful. His very virtues later turned out as weaknesses because he too tolerated the ostentation of the noble families. The people had to suffer under very. After he had established the Jin Dynasty, Emperor Wu was concerned about its stability. He assumed that the weakness of the Wei Dynasty was the fact that the Prince did not have enough power. Therefore, he knew his uncle, cousins ​​and sons with large military and civil powers, which, however, on the contrary, contributed to the destabilization of the dynasty and eventually culminated in the War of the Eight Princes. This civil war led to the Wu Hu rebellions that the Western Jin Dynasty destroyed, forcing the train to the areas south of the Huai River.

  • Politicians (China)
  • Emperor of the Jin Dynasty ( 265-420 )
  • Chinese
  • Born 236
  • Died 290
  • Man