Empire (film magazine)

Empire (English for Empire ) is a appearing in the UK, Australia, Russia and Turkey monthly film magazine of the Bauer Media Group. The first edition appeared in July 1989. Empire is the best selling and thus successful British film magazine. 2010, it was named " Magazine of the Year".

A German edition of " Empire" first appeared on 23 September 2010. After a test phase with three issues of the magazine was discontinued.


Similar to many other British film magazines is the substantive focus of the articles and information in the area of ​​Hollywood, but also independent and "art films" reviewed to catch up with its competitors distributors such as Sight & Sound. Apart from the usual format for this reporting in the field of new film projects, movies previews and reviews, Empire published the only magazine of its kind on its last page, the original copy of a famous classic film scene ( first from: On the Waterfront ). Through his direct line to Hollywood, the magazine often includes exclusive interviews with actors, producers and directors, reports of Setvisits and photos.

The magazine consists of three sections: " The Slate ", " In Cinemas " and " ReView ". New movies are " In Cinemas " discussed in section; in the " ReView ", however, newly released DVDs and Blu-rays are presented and evaluated. The division "DVD Dungeon " ( English for " DVD dungeon " ) also contains reviews of the editor Kim Newman, who here about obscure media news - mostly B- Horror Movies - informed.

" Pint of Milk" ( English for " glass of milk " ) are the answers celebrity on unusual questions again, among other things, has become a classic, " How much does a glass of milk? " With this concept a reality regarding the celebrities will be clarified, since this unlike in conventional interviews can announce the most unexpected and surprising things.

Empire Awards

As its own award, the Empire Awards are presented annually since 1996, the winners will be determined by readers of the magazine. Sony Ericsson is the main sponsor of the award, which led to a renaming of the price in Sony Ericsson Empire Award.