Empress Suiko

Empress Suiko (Japanese推 古 天皇Suiko tennō; * 554, † April 15 628) was the 33rd Tennō of Japan ( 592-628 ) and the first woman, who held this position. She was a daughter of Emperor Kimmei. My own name was Princess Nukatabe (额 田 部) and her posthumous name as Empress was Toyomikake shikihime no mikoto (豊 御 食 炊 屋 姫).

According to the description of the Nihon Shoki, the Empress said to have been an elegant appearance and very modest. She was a clever woman and focused on the balance between Prince Umayado (厩 戸, also: Shōtoku Taishi ) and the Soga clan, who competed for the power to protect.

After ascending the throne she appointed Prince Regent Umayado and transferred political power to him. During their rule, the Soga clan was politically during the period of greatest prosperity. In addition, her uncle Soga no Umako was the ancestral ruler of the clan. That's why he tried to exploit their power politically. But let justice prevail and the Empress refused the request.

Once, when her uncle Umako asked from a private foundation for the right to an area called Kazuragi no agata ( in antiquity among all plots the Yamato government ), she refused: "You are my uncle, but if I only your wish would have allowed for this reason and given the belonging to the government law, I would be later called by posterity than a silly woman and you would as a disloyal rabble be named ".

Under her just rule proved Prince Umayado his talent. He trained 603 officials System ( Kan'i Jun Kai ) and the 17 -article constitution next year. In the year 607 he sent Ono no Imoko the Sui Dynasty. Since then, students and monks ( Sangha ) were sent regularly in the Chinese Empire. In this way, the old Japanese political system was introduced, and Buddhism took root in Japan. The Empress herself ordered 594 that one should worship the Three Treasures, namely Buddha, the teachings ( Dharma ) and the monks ( Sangha ). It was also during the period of their rule, when the Hōryū -ji, which is known as the oldest surviving wooden building in the world, was built ( completion was in the year 607).

Prince Umayado and Soga no Umako gave two history books, namely Tennōki and Kokuki out and dedicated it to her in the year 620 Two years later, Prince Umayado died at the age of 49, died Umako 624 In no time, the Empress lost two important people who supported them, and should have felt very lonely. She died in 628 at the age of 75 years.