EMT Aladin

The EMT Aladin is a reconnaissance drone from the German company EMT. The name is an acronym Aladin their description and is available for imaging airborne reconnaissance drone in close range. Starting point for program development was in March 2005, an order of 115 UAVs by the German Army for the Army Reconnaissance Troop. On 19 October 2005, the handover of the first series system ALADIN to the Panzertruppenschule in Munster was.

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The system

With a wingspan of 1.5 meters, the of a two- blade propeller -driven aircraft is relatively small, it is driven by an electric motor. The purpose is military intelligence in the near environment. The system is easily disassembled without tools and re-assembled to facilitate transport. It is ready for use within five minutes.

The UAV is launched by hand. The control is carried out autonomously by built-in GPS receiver on a prescribed flight path. The user is able to influence the flight of the ground control station. The video data is transmitted in real time and stored in the DV cassette. The data link determines the operational range, but this can be increased by means of a relay drone.

System components

When the German army belong to each application system, two drones, a weather station and a handy ground control station for mission planning and flight control. This has the ability to control the autonomous Umfliegung of terrain obstacles can retrieve digital mission maps in 2D or 3D display and has the ability to image analysis and storage. The ground control station, has a weight of 17 kg, using the UHF band when transmitting and receiving the C-band. The entire system is easy to transport and carry, the drone itself is not easy to identify because of their small size by a small group. The sensor is interchangeable according to Bundeswehr, it can take color pictures in daytime and black and white images in twilight or use an infrared camera for night.



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