EMusic is an online music service based in New York. The company has existed since January 1998, working with subscription models and sold his music exclusively in the form of MP3 files, which are not restricted by DRM measures in their usability.

EMusic had in 2006, the second largest market share of online music in the United States. Since 2003, more than 200 million MP3 files sold through eMusic, at a current rate of seven million per month. The music service had 2008 400.000 subscribers in the year.

The " Big Four " music labels Sony BMG, EMI, Universal and Warner have been licensed no music at emusic because of the lack of DRM, but more than 40,000 independent labels, so the offer focus on indie rock, indie pop, punk rock, jazz and classical lies. In total there are currently more than four million songs on offer.