EN 15838

This European Standard EN 15838:2009 has been prepared in response to the mandate M/378 of the European Commission. This mandate states that the objective of the standard is to define for customer contact centers, the demands on the quality of the services that are common to all centers, regardless of the area of service, the technical approach to the provision of the service or the provider of the service. The standard applies to both in-house customer contact centers as well as for outsourced centers. The Standard has been prepared for the benefit of both types of contact centers as well as for the clients who use their services. The standard is published in Germany in February 2010 as a DIN standard DIN EN 15838.

This standard describes a model relevant to a customer contact center areas of quality management and customer orientation. Relevant areas of employee and customer protection are explicitly considered.

The 5 principles of quality management can be found in the standard list:

  • 4.1 General
  • 4.2 Task
  • 4.3 Operational tasks and responsibilities
  • 4.3.1 General
  • 4.3.2 Human Resources
  • 4.3.3 Information and Communication Technology ( ICT)
  • 4.3.4 Quality Assurance
  • 4.3.5 training
  • 4.3.6 functional area of ​​production and process management
  • 4.3.7 Functional area for planning and control
  • 4.3.8 Functional area of contract management

Annex D (informative ) Recommended skills for the management and planning in a CCCD

  • D.2 functional area of ​​production and process management
  • D.3 functional area of ​​management authority