EN 1990

The Euro code 0 ( often short EC 0 ) is the name given to the European standard EN 1990 entitled Fundamentals of structural design and fundamental part of the series of Euro codes.

The EN 1990, which was acquired by the Member States of the European Committee for Standardization ( CEN) in each case as a national standard, establishes the basis for the use of the Euro codes in construction and therefore must be used always with application of the other standards of the Euro code number. Conversely, the Euro code 0 but are detached for use as building materials used in structural design and actions are to be applied that are not regulated by the Euro codes.

The current German version of the standard DIN EN 1990 with the appropriate National Annex in December 2010 and the Amendment 1 of the National Annex of August, 2012. Austrian The current version is the ÖNORM EN 1990, last updated in March 2013.