En liten julsaga

  • Lisa Malmborg: Ina
  • Gunilla Röör: Mother
  • Thomas Hedengran: Father
  • Jesper Salen: Jacob
  • Åke Lindman: Pekka

A small Christmas Carol ( Original title: En liten julsaga ) is a children's film from 1999, the directors Åsa Sjöström and Mari Marten bias Wahlgren.


Stockholm on December 10: When little Ina goes home with her mother in the subway from shopping, is lost in the crowd, her beloved teddy bear NooNoo. An older man takes the teddy bear itself and forgets about it later in a post office. There, the Teddy gets into a mail bag is picked up by a postal employee and falls in the mountains from their snowmobile later and snowed. To Lucia Festival is a dog Teddy and takes him to his master, who find him asking the owner, sent to the editors of Lule TV. When the Teddy on television shows, this looks the mother of Ina and calls the station, but there Teddy is now landed in the trash by mistake. When the garbage is picked up, the Teddy ends up on the street and is driven by a boy. The boy is ridiculed because of Teddys of two girls and throws the teddy therefore of a bridge, where he lands on a truck. During a stop, the driver finds the Teddy and takes him to a place where it is stolen by a woman who sells it to a used- goods dealer. On December 24, the big brother of Ina arrives at the airport of Stockholm to visit the family. Since his bag with the gifts did not arrive, he goes to the second-hand goods dealer. He buys the teddy bear and so Ina finally gets her NooNoo as a Christmas present back.


" Magical children's film with fabulous charm that tells the story of a great loss without sentimentality and with a great sense mimics childlike perceptiveness. "