Enactivism (psychology)

Enaktivismus is a theoretical approach within the cognitive sciences. It is based on the idea that intelligent behavior from interaction of organisms with their environment developed. It is crucial that the living being physically interacts as "complete agent" with the environment ( Embodiment; embodied and situated cognition ). The enaktivistische approach overlaps largely with that of the Embodied Cognitive Science.

The Enaktivismus criticized earlier approaches of cognitive science, the spirit (mind ) will be attributed to mental representations, and sees itself as an alternative to cognitivism, Computationalismus and dualism.

The term goes back to the book The Tree of Knowledge by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela

Today representatives of the Enaktivismus are, inter alia, Ralph D. Ellis, Daniel D. Hutto, Shaun Gallagher Alva Noë and Evan Thompson.