Enbetsu, Hokkaido

Embetsu (Japanese远 别 町, -chō ) is a town in the district Teshio in the sub-prefecture Rumoi on Hokkaidō.


Within the city limits is the 1,032 m high mountain Pisshiri (ピッシリ 山), Ainu for "mountain of stones ", which also forms the border between Embetsu, Haboro, Horokanai.

Embetsu is traversed by the same name, the eponymous river.


The village Shosambetsu as an independent municipality was created on 1 April 1903 as a spin-off from the village Teshio. On April 1, 1919, was appointed 2nd class municipality and on 1 April 1949 Chō.


In Embetsu is the 29.4 ° C hot Asahi Onsen (旭 温泉).


Embetsu has connection to the National Road 232 to Teshio and Rumoi. Prefecture roads are crossing the city limits the prefecture roads 119, 256, 393, 688, 741, 826, 854 and 971

All earlier trains to Embetsu were hired. The 1987 complete set Haboro- line state JNR after Rumoi and Horonobe held at stations Utakoshi, Teshio - Kanaura, Embetsu, the breakpoint Keimei and the Marumatsu station. The Haboro line was originally the coal transportation.


Main economic sectors of Embetsu are fishing, agriculture, dairy and forestry. The city lies on the northern border of rice cultivation.


In Embetsu is the primary school Embetsu, the middle school Embetsu and Agricultural High School Hokkaido - Embetsu (北海道 远 别 农业 高等学校, Hokkaidō Embetsu nōgyō Kōtō Gakko ).


The sister city of Castlegar Embetsu is in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

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