Encalypta vulgaris - sterile plants

The Glockenhutmoose ( Encalypta ), also called bell hats, are a genus of mosses of the family Encalyptaceae.


Moose this genus grow in low cushions or flat lawn. Plants have erect, dichotomously branched stems. These are densely foliated and braunfilzig in the lower part. Leaves are more or less tongue- shaped, have a strong rib ends either before or at the blade tip or projects beyond the spike tip or glass hair. Characteristic of the sporophyte are the long, cylindrical - shaped bell Kalyptren that completely envelop the spore capsules.

Types (selection)

Worldwide there are about 36 known species. In Europe, 14 species occur, including the following:

  • Encalypta affinis
  • Encalypta alpina
  • Encalypta ciliata
  • Encalypta longicolla
  • Encalypta rhaptocarpa
  • Gedrehtfrüchtiges Glockenhutmoos ( Encalypta streptocarpa )
  • Encalypta vulgaris