Enceladus (mythology)

Enceladus ( gr Ἐγκέλαδος the Raging of κελαδέω; Latin Enceladus ) is the name of a giant from Greek mythology.


Alkyoneus is in the name list of the Libraries of Apollodorus, known as the son of Gaia and the blood of Uranus, which falls in his emasculation on Gaia. When Virgil and in the name list of Dionysiaca of Nonno's only Mother Gaia is called. In the name list in Prefatio of Hyginus he is the son of Ge and of Tartarus.


In Gigantomachia he is described as an opponent of Zeus, Dionysus, or Athena. The most common is the constellation with Athena.

According to Pausanias, Athena threw her chariot horses along with him. In the Libraries and Callimachus she buried him. Below Etna, according to Philostratus, she threw the whole of Sicily to him, so he could not rise against the gods

In Nonnus Dionysiaca Enceladus is reflected by Bacchus with a hail of bullets from foliage. Only when Gaia promises him in case of victory Athena as bedfellow, he continues to fight. Dionysus burns his body with a fire, but he is defeated only by a thunderbolt of Zeus.

Modern reception

Saturn's moon Enceladus is named after the giants in Latinized form.