Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy ( EoP ) is one of the most important encyclopaedias to philosophy.

The first edition appeared in 1967 in the EoP eight volumes by Macmillan and edited by Paul Edwards; a content unchanged reprint was published in 1972 in four (double) volumes.

The second, largely revised edition was published in 2006 in ten volumes, edited by Donald M. Borchert, Thomson Gale (ISBN 0-02-865780-2 ). Volumes 1-9 contain summary article in alphabetical order, Volume 10 supplemented or updated some articles and gives a thematic overview, bibliographies and a peripheral index. This edition was published in electronic form (ISBN 0-02-866072-2 ).

The EoP counts in addition to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy of the most important reference works English language philosophy in general.

Paul Edwards, who lived to the revised edition of the encyclopedia after four decades, commented to Peter Singer whose changes from the first edition, with regret: The original stringency was diluted and openness to postmodern ideas are too big.


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