Enfidha – Hammamet International Airport

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The Enfidha Airport (French Aéroport International d' Enfidha - Hammamet, Arabic مطار النفيضة الدولي ), is an international airport in Tunisia on the Gulf of Hammamet, close to Yasmine Hammamet and Port El Kantaoui.

It lies between Hammamet and Sousse and Tunis and Monastir airports between. It is planned that he should relieve the Monastir Airport, which is near the city.

The airport is located since 2007 near the town of Enfidha ( Sousse Governorate ) and went in 2010 for international flights in operation. Operator is the Turkish TAV Airports Holding.

Since 2010, the airline airberlin from Dusseldorf fly, Edelweiss Air from Zurich, FlyNiki of Vienna charter flight, Sky Work Airlines from Bern, Jetairfly from Brussels, Charleroi, Liège and Ostend, Transavia from Amsterdam and Tunis Air from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. The international airport is in the first phase have a capacity of 7,000,000 passengers per year and a runway and later expanded steadily up to a capacity of 22 million passengers and two runways.

The airport was originally named after the former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. On 15 July 2011, one day after the escape Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in connection with the protests of the Tunisian people against his dictatorship, his name and his portraits have been removed from the terminal building. The official name is now Enfidha - Hammamet International Airport. In connection with the product recalls of tourists during the revolution in Tunisia 2010/2011 of the Enfidha airport became the main destination, as a departure from Monastir airport was not possible in the short term widely.