Enfleurage (from French " floral scent Enter ") is a process for obtaining pomades from flowers by the absorption of fragrances with grease.

Enfleurage à froid

Freshly harvested flowers are gently sprinkled onto coated with grease glass plates. After a few days the flowers are removed and replaced with new ones. This process is repeated for about three months until the layer of fat is abundant saturated with the essential oil of the flowers, this is called pomade. Finally, the fragrance oil is separated by washing the glass plates with alcohol from fat.

Mostly used as fat pork or beef fat, care must be taken on its odorless. In addition, extra care pressed and therefore fairly odorless olive oil ( virgin olive oil ) can be used.

Depending on how often the flowers were replaced ( eg 33 times replace ), is called the product Pomade No. 33 The pure flower oil thus obtained is called Essence absolue d' enfleurage and is extremely expensive.

Enfleurage à chaud

The Enfleurage à chaud, including maceration, is compared to Enfleurage à froid the faster technology. This fat and flowers are stirred together and heated to about 60 ° C later. After each heating process, the flowers are replaced. As in the production of cold fat Again, the oil is separated from the fatty alcohol.