Angel churches located in Bergisch Land, in the southeast of the federal state of North Rhine -Westphalia and is a municipality belonging to a county of the Oberbergische circle in the district of Cologne.

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  • 4.1 municipal
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Community structure ( official places in the municipality )

Earlier settlements that were incorporated

Neighboring communities


( at December 31 )


The place angels Churches is a very old Bergisch settlement, which is documented but first mentioned only in 1353 specifically in the formulation: " Gerlaco of Engellerskerken is called as Wipperfürther juror ."

The spelling of the first mention was Engellerskerken.

Angel churches belonged until 1806 to the Duchy of Berg administratively and judicially to the Official Steinbach.

Older is the district Ründeroth, which is first mentioned in 1174 and is particularly noteworthy because of its historic center today.

Territorial reform

On January 1, 1975, the formerly independent communities angels churches and Ründeroth were merged to form the new municipality of angels churches in the course of municipal restructuring in accordance with § 13 Section 1 of the Cologne Act.


  • France Plan-de- Cuques, France since 1972
  • Poland Mogilno, Poland since 2012


Parish council

The Council of the Municipality angels churches has 32 ​​seats, which are distributed among the individual parties as follows:

Culture and sights

Hiking and biking trails

The following trails are offered starting from the trail parking lot Angel Station Churches of the Sauerland Mountain Club ( SGV ):

  • A1 (2.5 miles); A2 (5.0 miles); A3 (8.2 miles); A4 (8.7 miles); A5 (2.2 miles); A6 (6.5 miles)


The former cotton mill Ermen & Engels is one of the six sites of the LVR Industrial Museum ( founder of the company was the father of the famous Friedrich Engels), was built in the 1900's one of the first power plants in Agger. The community is also home near the village of Bickenbach a blacksmith museum, the Oelchenshammer. An Angel Museum is in preparation.

Engelskirchener Carnival

In Engelskirchen very strong Carnival is celebrated, inspired by the Cologne Carnival. In charge here is the KG Foolish Obernberger, which was founded in 1893, and thus is one of the oldest rechtsrheinischen carnival societies. In 2002 went from the KG forth the Castle Guard, the carnival at the Captain Wienand Ruttger of Quadt to Alsbach, a gentleman of Alsbach Castle, recalls. As Narrenruf both the kölsche " Alaaf! ", As well as the local is used " Kall you! " Angels in churches.


Both the Ehreshoven castle and Wasserburg Alsbach are surrounded by a moat.


Monuments include the war memorial with Thingstätte and the natural monument Aggertalhöhle in Ründeroth. The Engelskirchener Lohmühle and three mills in Lambachtal are described in the article mills in Oberbergi country.

Other Buildings

  • Haldyturm in Ründeroth
  • Tower angel churches Hohenwarte
  • Ecolut center, a conference center with modern clay construction

Infrastructure and economy

Rail and bus

The angel churches station is located on the single-track, non-electrified railway from Cologne to Marie Heath ( KBS 459 ), on the hourly rail passenger transport the Oberbergische (RB 25) from Cologne to Marie Heide Overath and Gummersbach wrong.

Is performed the rail passenger transport ( regional rail ) by DB Regio NRW.

Until the 1950s there was a narrow- gauge railway to Marie Heath, the Leppetalbahn, mainly transporting stones from the quarries.

In the road passenger transport run from Angel Station Churches following bus lines:

  • VRS line 331 Angel churches Bf - Neuremscheid - Lindlar Busbf. - Lindlar open air museum ( taxi bus: Mon-Fri mostly hourly, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays in Zweistundentat, no night traffic hour traffic only )
  • VRS line 310 Overath - Angel churches - Gummersbach ( Mon-Fri almost continuously every half hour, Saturdays and public holidays throughout every hour, evening and night traffic)
  • VRS line 332 Angel churches Bf - Remshagen - Lindlar - Hartegasse - Wipperfuerth ( Mon-Fri every hour, Saturdays and holiday traffic, no night traffic )
  • VRS line 333 Angel churches Bf - Frielingsdorf - Dohrgaul - Wipperfuerth ( Mon-Sun, no night traffic )

For the entire public transport (PT ) the rate of the transport association Rhein-Sieg applies (VRS ) and collective space border of the NRW - tariff.


The textile manufacturer Friedrich Engels sen. founded on 1 July 1837 textile factory Ermen & Engels. He was the father of the famous philosopher Friedrich Engels jun., Who developed the theory of society known as Marxism Karl Marx. 1900, the water power of the Agger for the creation of a power plant was used. In 1979 the company was closed in sign of the textile crisis. Since 1986 located in the corporate buildings the municipality angels churches, LVR Industrial Museum - scene angels churches, volunteer fire department of the municipality angels churches, medical clinics, offices, apartments and restaurants. Important pillars of the economy in angels churches today are medium-sized companies from the plastics processing, iron, sheet metal and fabricated metal products manufacturing and mechanical engineering.

Public institutions

Church institutions

  • Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul
  • Catholic church of the Sacred Heart Loope
  • Catholic parish of St. James Ründeroth
  • Catholic Church of St. Holy Name of Mary Osberghausen
  • New Apostolic Church Angel churches
  • Evang. Parish churches angel / Loope
  • Evang. Parish Ründeroth
  • Evang. Parish Schnellbach
  • Evang. Free Church congregation Vollmer Hausen- Ründeroth

Christkind post office

Each year, opened the German post office in Angel churches at Christmas the Christmas post office. There, all writing and wish the children to be answered in time to Christmas Eve. 2009 there were more than 160,000 letters, which were received from around the world. The address is: At the Christ Child in 51777 Angel churches.

Schools / Colleges

  • Agger -Gymnasium
  • Leopold- Goes -Realschule
  • Secondary school Ründeroth
  • Center for teaching practice and teacher training Engelskirchen
  • Community Primary School Angel churches
  • Community Primary School Ründeroth
  • Community Primary School Schnellbach
  • Catholic Primary School Loope
  • Angel Music School Churches
  • Music School and Music Academy Musah
  • SGS Music School Music School

Sons and daughters of Angels Church