English studies

English language and literature (including English Language and Literature ) is the science that deals with the English language, English literature and culture of the English -speaking world.

The history of English

The history of German and German- English literature is very different from the English Studies in Anglo-Saxon countries. In particular, the focus on English Philology and the associated focus on medieval and early modern literatures was not shared in the UK and the USA. As a result of the First and the Second World War, there was a significant separation of the two scientific traditions.

The development of English in the present

The English Studies currently makes two important developments.

First, in recent years, a distinction is made between the English and Irish literature more and more. In summary, it is spoken by Anglo-Irish Studies, to express that the English culture significantly different from the Irish. The ( contemporary ) Irish writers would have a completely different cultural background than the English, ergo, this distinction must be made.

Second, develop into another branch of English literature since the 1980s, the so-called Commonwealth Studies that deal with the language and culture of the former British colonies. Although many authors (eg, in India, Jamaica, Hong Kong ) speak the local language, but see English as a lingua franca as a much more effective to reach the largest possible readership.

English literature as a field of study

English / American Studies and English Language and Literature ( English Studies in the English language ) is one of the modern languages ​​associated field of study at universities and colleges in the German language, which focuses on the scientific level with the areas of English-language literature (mainly of British and U.S. ), the language development and practice (linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, phonology, etc. ) as well as patrimonial and cultural studies of the language area, each looking at different eras, is concerned. At German universities, English language and literature can be studied (usually in combination with at least one other field of study ) in teacher education programs as well as bachelor's and master's degrees. Until the late 2000s, some universities also offered an economic science-oriented graduate English Studies degree program, which has now been replaced by Bachelor-/Master-Studiengänge. The master's degree programs have been set largely in the context of the Bologna process or discontinued.