Engstler Motorsport

Engstler Motorsport is a private German Motorsports team of team principal Franz Engstler. It is located in Wiggensbach. The main sponsor is Liqui Moly.


Beginnings in the STW

Franz Engstler rose in 1996 with his own Motorsport team in the Super Tourenwagen Cup and brought two Alfa Romeo 155 at the start, which were piloted by himself and by Oliver Mayer. In two runs Stephen Vollmair grabbed the wheel of the second Alfas. In 1997 Engstler four vehicles, which were controlled by himself, Frank Schmickler, Marco Bromberger and Danny arrow. Schmickler but did not contest the full season and so jumped Vollmair and Gianni Giudici for him. After a year's break drove again in 1999 two Alfas under the direction of Franz Engstler. He drove one of them, the other went first Christian zinc and then Wolfgang Treml.

Successes in the Procar series and the Far East

Since 2000 Engstler Motorsport BMW 320i is active in the ADAC Procar Series. In the first year Franz Engstler won the championship. 2005 started Engstler and Fariqe Hairuman for the team in the Asian Touring Car Championship. This Engstler won the championship. Opposite end of the season were Engstler and Hairuman two runs of the ADAC Procar Series season. 2006 succeeded Engstler, whose teammates Ao Chi Hong and alternate blade Andreas and Markus Lungstrass were now defending the title. While the team still took part in the Asian Touring Car Championship, team principal Franz Engstler retired after the season to Germany. In the same year Engstler and Rustem Teregulov represented the team well in some races of the ADAC Procar Series. 2007 Engstler now fully focused on the ADAC Procar Series. He sat at times and won four vehicles on the side of Teregulov, Oleg and Andrei Romanov Petrishin the championship. Meanwhile drove Masaki Kano for Engstler Motorsport in the Asian Touring Car Championship.

World Touring Car Championship

As in 2005, took Engstler Motorsport in 2007 at the last two races of the World Touring Car Championship in Macau as a guest part. The vehicles were controlled by Engstler and Romanov. 2008 denied Engstler Motorsport first complete season in the World Touring Car Championship. Even new vehicles were purchased. Engstler and Romanov drove now on two BMW 320si. In the last four races in Japan and Macao in addition Masaki Kano grabbed the steering wheel of an "old " 320i. In Macao Engstler best privateer and won with a sixth place three world championship points. He thus succeeded the runner-up in the Independents' Trophy. 2008 Engstler and Romanov took on BMW 320i also in some rounds of the ADAC Procar Series in part. Also, started for Engstler Motorsport there also Bruckl Martin, Stefan Neuberger, Jack Lemvard and Remo Friberg. In the Asian Touring Car Championship in Kano and Lemvard drove to win the championship.

2009 takes Engstler Motorsport again at the World Touring Car Championship in part. Kristian Poulsen was Franz Engstlers new teammate. Engstler was the second race in Morocco the best privateer rider and scored eighth place with a world championship point. In the ADAC Procar Series now comes a BMW 320si is used, which is run by Roland Hertner first time. The rest of the team's riders are Timur Gainutdinov, Petrishin and Friberg. At the Asian Touring Car Championship takes Engstler Motorsport 2009 no longer participate.


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