Mountain Wolverine worm ( Ena montana)

The wolverine snails ( Enidae ), referred to by some authors as a tower snails, are a family from the suborder of terrestrial snails ( gastropod ). For Europe, the Fauna Europaea lists 176 species.


The housings are small to medium in size (4 to 20 mm high) and hochkonisch, or almost cylindrical, with numerous turns. The housings are usually brown, but also knows little ornamentation and glossy. The mouth edge is modified frequently, usually thickened and forming a mouth lip. From the mouth edge of the teeth can project into the mouth; the teeth are blunt thickening of the apertural lip. Some species hide their housing with feces and detritus, which are glued to the surface.

Occurrence, lifestyle and dissemination

The types of family life as the snails on trees in dry areas as soil burrowers or rocks. They feed on wilted plant material and detritus. The family is widespread Palaearctic. The center of diversity is in Southeast Europe and Southwest Asia.


The nomenclature of this family is extremely confusing. Suggested as early as 1880, Wilhelm Kobelt a family based on the genus Buliminus ago. The resulting name Buliminidae is however already been assigned to a family of Foraminifera. Therefore, today is the name Enidae BB Woodward, 1903 valid for this family group, which also includes the genus Buliminus Beck, 1837 includes with. In a decision of the Commission for Zoological Nomenclature of the emended name Buliminusidae has been made available, but this does not take precedence over Enidae. He will still be used for a sub-family within the Enidae. Regardless emended Schileyko (1998) Buliminidae to Buliminuinae, which he used as a family name within the Enidae. Even the German trivial name glutton worm is controversial. Jungbluth and Knorre (2008 ) suggest for this family before the German trivial name tower snails, but which is already assigned to a marine snail group ( tower screw = Turritellidae ). Therefore, here the older and more common in the literature Name glutton worm is still used.

  • Family wolverine snails ( Enidae BB Woodward, 1903) Subfamily Buliminusinae Kobelt, 1880 Genus Adzharia Hesse, 1933
  • Genus Buliminus Beck, 1837
  • Genus Cyrenaeus Heller, 1971
  • Genus Mordania Bank & Neubert, 1998 ( will be in the two subgenera Mordania ( Mordania ) and Mordania ( Iranopsis ) Bank & Neubert, 1998 divided )
  • Genus Paramastus Hesse, 1933
  • Genus Pene Pallary, 1929
  • Genus Akramovskiella Schileyko, 1984
  • Genus Amphiscopus Westerlund, 1887
  • Genus Andronakia Lindholm, 1913
  • Genus Ayna Páll - Gergely, 2009
  • Genus Bollingeria Forcart, 1940 ( = improvisers Schileyko, 1978, objective synonym )
  • Genus bonuses Have Nena, 1955
  • Genus Brephulopsis Lindholm, 1925
  • Genus Caucasicola Hesse, 1917
  • Genus Chondrula Beck, 1837 (with three subgenera C. ( Chondrula ), C. ( Eubrephulus ) A. Wagner, 1927, and C. ( Amphitrorsus ) kimakowicz, 1890)
  • Genus Chondrulopsina Lindholm, 1925
  • Genus Chondrus Cuvier, 1817
  • Genus Crna Pallary, 1928
  • Genus Clausilioides Lindholm, 1925
  • Genus Coccoderma Moellendorff, 1901
  • Genus Differena Schileyko, 1984
  • Genus Ena Turton, 1831 Mountain Wolverine worm ( Ena montana ( Draparnaud, 1801) )
  • March snail ( Zebrina detrita, OF Müller, 1774)