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The Jewel Motor Car Company was an American automobile manufacturer. The company was founded as Forest City Motor Car Company of WE Stone, George J. Weitz, Philip Lehr, Frank R. Wall and Charles Eby, 1906 in Cleveland ( Ohio). Cleveland has also been called " Forest City " - hence the name.

Even before the start of automobile production, the company moved to 100 km south to Massillon (Ohio ), the home of Charles Eby to. Then the construction of a high-wheeled runabout began with single-cylinder engine, which was named Jewell (with two L ). In this and the following year the car on the market could not prevail right, and so it was decided in 1908 to make this model run and instead to build larger cars.

To make us forget the failure of the first product, called the new car Jewel ( with an L! ) And equipped the four-cylinder model with an engine of the Rutenber Motor Company from. These touring cars and taxis have sold better and so we named the whole company in 1909 in Jewel Motor Car Company in order.

As early as 1907 Herbert A. Croxton had gone into the company and became its president. The end of 1909 he was with Forest M. Keeton a new partner and the company was renamed again. The new Croxton - Keeton Motor Company discontinued the production of the Jewel and produced cars under its own name.



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