Enki (Sumerian the AI 𒀭 𒂗 𒆠 Mr. earth; Akkadian Ea Water House ) is the name of the Sumerian wisdom of God and ruler of the ocean freshwater Abzu. He is also considered the god of craftsmen, artists and magicians. His special achievement was the creation of human beings. Enki is represented by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which spring from his shoulders. In his hand he holds a vessel swells out of the water. Him to accompany his symbolic animals like the goat fish (sometimes just a goat or a fish only ) and the tortoise. The boat and a bar with ram's head are his utensils.


Enki is, according to the Sumerian gods lists the son of An and Ki. In myths such as Enki and Nammu and the Atrahasis epic, however, Nammu is called its parent. His wife is in the Sumerian gods lists Ninki; in Babylonian times it is replaced by Damkina. In the myth Enki and Ninhursaja Ninhursanga is his wife. His best-known children are Nanse and Asalluḫi, which was equated with Marduk by the Babylonians to establish Marduk, son of Enki / Ea. Also Namtaru is named as his son. He is still considered of the creator of the Abgal, Enkidu, and many other gods and devils.


Enki is occupied since the Early Sumerian time and manifests itself in various inscriptions, who worship him as a god and god of freshwater life-giving moisture. As part of the name can be traced back even further Enki. His main sanctuary Eapsu was located in the city of Eridu and secured at an early period the supremacy of the city. As one of the most important gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon Enki temple had in many other cities. As the influence Eridus fell, even his main sanctuary was moved to Uruk, which is reflected in the myth of Inanna and Enki.


Enki is credited with creating the people in different myths. In addition, he is considered the owner of the fate panels ME, on which the fate of gods and men are written.

Enki and the World Order

After Enki had diverted the Euphrates, to make the land fertile Dilmun, he ejaculated into the Tigris, to give even this fertility. He then distributed the various animals of the water, the land and the mountains to their posts and assigns their duties to the gods. His daughter Inanna is used here as the highest priestess who brings life year after year, by the sacred marriage to the earth.

Enki and Inanna

Inanna comes to Enki and Eridu after beguiled him with beer and her beauty. When Enki drunk and mitgibt her 14 wishes on the way, these wishes to write to the fate of panels a and allow Inanna to take these. When Enki again comes to his senses and noticed the fraud, he sends for his demons Inanna, Inanna but can make all the demons believable that she is the legitimate owner of the fate boards. Enki admits defeat and announced that the wisdom from now on panels at Uruk, Inanna's city, are to remain.

Enki and Ninmah

Enki and Ninmah make a contest to see who could create the better person. Ninmah then creates different people with disabilities. Enki is all but a role in society. Then Enki turns the tables and creates its part, the essence Umu'ul, with the Ninmah nothing knows what to do, since it is a non-viable miscarriage. You must be therefore defeat Enki.

Enki and Nammu

The gods are no longer able to procure enough flour. Then Nammu asks her son Enki to find a solution, after Enki clay is knocked from his leg and it creates people.

Atrahasis epic

When the Anunnaki are tired of work and so dispute between the Igigu and the Anunnaki created, Enki creates from the blood of a slaughtered God and the clay of the Abzu the people to serve the gods. However, the people are the gods too loud. Therefore, the gods decide to exterminate the people and send Namtar to decimate the people with chills. But Enki reveals his favorite people Atrahasis how they could defeat Namtar. The same he does with Adad and Nisaba. The gods are angry and thereby decide that Enki no man may make known the decisions of the gods more. They decide it to send a flood to destroy all humans. However, Enki goes to the hut of Atrahasis and talk to the reed wall, behind the Atrahasis, so that it will notice everything. He advises him to build an ark to bring his belongings and his people on it. So Enki prevented the complete eradication of the people by the gods.

Enki and Ninhursaja

Enki definitely want a male heir, but he gives his wife Ninhursaja only daughter Ninisiga, the goddess of the new moon. He then impregnates his daughter, the daughter Ninkur gives birth to him, the mistress of the highlands. Since Enki still has no son, he impregnates his granddaughter now Ninkur and this bears him Uttu, the goddess of flax and weaving. Ninhursaja the whole thing is now too much. She advises Uttu how she could resist the advances of Enki. But Enki disguises himself in a handsome gardener and make it so, but Uttu to copulate. As Uttu noticed the deception, she begs to Ninhursanga for help. This removes the semen of Enki and throws him to the ground. This gives rise to eight plants that Ninhursaja Enki set before eating. Then Enki fell seriously ill. The Anunna but see with concern and Enlil make it Ninhursaja to persuade to help Enki. Ninhursaja then sits down on Enki, takes the seeds into itself and gives birth from eight gods.

The hero and the Tortoise

As Ninurta attacking Anzu in flight, let this fall, the fate boards. They fell into the freshwater ocean, directly into the realm of Enki. After the battle, Ninurta reclaimed the fate boards of Enki, to be ruler over the fate of the people and the gods. Enki, however, who previously Ninurta standing with his magic and wisdom to the side in the fight, was not willing to hand over this. He glorified and praised Ninurta as the greatest warrior in the universe, but the panels will he keep. Ninurta was angry and threatened to destroy the freshwater ocean. Then Enki formed from the clay of the freshwater ocean a turtle, which in turn dug a huge hole. And as Enki Ninurta distracted, grabbed the turtle Ninurta to the toenails and dragged him into the hole. As much as Ninurta also tried, he was not able to leave the hole. Enki wanted to close the hole and Ninurta buried in it, but he released at the request of Ninurta mother Ninmah, Ninurta, with the condition that Enki from now remains to the owner of the fate boards.