Enos Slaughter

Enos Bradsher Slaughter (* April 27, 1916 in Roxboro, North Carolina; † August 12, 2002 in Durham, North Carolina) was an American baseball player in Major League Baseball. His nickname was Country.


Enos Slaughter was a very good hitter in the crews of the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Yankees. In ten of his nineteen seasons, he had a batting average of over 30%. Twice he won with the Cardinals the World Series (1942 and 1946 against the Yankees against the Boston Red Sox), with the Yankees, he participated in three World Series, winning two of them also ( in 1956 against the Brooklyn Dodgers and 1958 against the Milwaukee Braves ).

As a player and tobacco farmer from southern Slaughter tried in 1947 to initiate a boycott against the Dodgers, to protest the signing of Jackie Robinson by the Brooklyn Dodgers. However, the president of the National League Ford Frick thus, each player who participates in it threatened to terminate immediately. Thus, this measure was ineffective. However, the Cardinals in 1958 undertook an African American player with Curt Flood.

Slaughter was taken in 1985 by the Veterans Committee in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

His positions as a player