Enping (恩平 市, Enping ) is a county -level city in Guangdong Province, China. It is located west of the delta of the Pearl River.


The landscape of Enping City is generally hilly, mountainous in the northwest. In the south Enping affect the Zhenhai Bay (镇 海湾) of the South China Sea. The climate is subtropical to tropical; the average temperature is 13.5 ° January C, the average temperature at about July 28 ° C. The annual rainfall is about 2350 mm.


Enping was founded and renamed to 750 after Enping in the year 219 as Enzhou (恩 周). Since 1994, Enping is officially a city.


With a GDP per capita of around 10 700 RMB in 2002, Enping is with respect to the income well below the provincial average of Guangdong.

Economic importance on the one hand the reduction of marl, granite, precious stones, coal, gold, copper, tungsten, potassium salts and about 20 other minerals. The industry Enpings based primarily on the production of cement and electronic products; Enping is known within China as the capital of the microphones. In the city of Enping alone, more than twenty cement factories that make for a very strong air pollution. Other major products are foods, shoes, textiles, machinery and household appliances.

Within the Guangdong Enping City is a major food producer. In addition to rice and sugar cane, peanuts, cassava root, soybeans, fruits, vegetables and plants are grown for the traditional Chinese medicine.

Tourism plays a minor role in Enping, attraction alone are hot mineral springs just outside the city proper.

Enping has a bad reputation after several corruption scandals and there is very little foreign investment.


The independent city of Enping belongs to the prefecture-level city of Jiangmen. Adjacent are Yangchun and Xinxing in the north, northeast and east in Kaiping, Taishan in the southeast and Yangdong in the southwest. The city is divided into three road districts and ten large municipalities:

  • Road district Encheng (恩 城 街道);
  • Road district Pingshi (平 石 街道);
  • Road district Dong'an (东 安 街道);
  • Greater community Liang Xi (良 西 镇);
  • Greater community Niujiang (牛 江镇);
  • Greater community Shengtang (圣堂 镇);
  • Greater community Shahu (沙湖 镇);
  • Greater community Dongcheng (东 成 镇);
  • Greater community Juntang (君 堂 镇);
  • Greater community Hengpi (横 陂镇​​);
  • Greater community Dahuai (大槐 镇);
  • Greater community Naji (那 吉 镇);
  • Greater community Datian (大 田镇).


Enping located on the motorway Guangzhou Kaiping - Yangjiang, which cuts through the city. Apart from this recently opened transport connection and the National Road 325, which runs parallel to the highway, the roads are rather poor. A railway connection does not exist, just as no harbor.

22.183305555556112.3Koordinaten: 22 ° 11 ' N, 112 ° 18' E

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  • Location in Guangdong
  • District-free city (China)