Enric Bernat

Enric Bernat ( born October 20, 1923 in Barcelona, † December 27, 2003 ) was a Spanish entrepreneur and founder of Chupa Chups Company. He became famous in the 1950s with the invention of Chupa Chups lollipops.


Bernat was born on 20 October 1923 in a Catalan family, which already produced confectionery in the third generation and sold. He started his working life in the cake shop of his parents, but moved in 1950 to southern Spain to be there the first company to found the " Productos Bernat ". Four years later he took over the management of a jam factory, who had previously filed for bankruptcy in Asturias. He introduced a little later before the investors of the company his concept to save the company, a candy on a stick, but did not trust him and left him then. Completely convinced of his projects, he bought the company and renamed it Chupa Chups. The idea came Bernat, when he noticed that the usual Susswaren for children were much too large, so they often made dirty. Bernat came then to produce the idea of ​​small sugar balls, which he later put metal initially on wooden sticks. After patenting 1959 Bernat developed a sales network by prescribing its representatives to have pay for the goods by the merchants immediately.

Later years

In 1967 he opened a second factory in his native Barcelona and begins to export its successful lollipop. The confectionery now at the plastic handle sold it advertises with slogans such as " It is round and lasts a long time ." In 1969 he commissioned the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí a logo for his company design. The enormous costs for the design equaling with enormous exports, which surged by means of large-scale advertising campaigns in the air. Among the countless trips there was also a beginning of the 1970s to California, in which he brought the producers of the series Kojak to give its title character as a trademark with a lollipop. Until the late 1980s, he sold this way the product more than 20 billion times. In 1991 he gave the operational business to his son Xavier on. Together with his wife Nuria Serra Bernat had three sons and two daughters. He died on 27 December 2003 at his home in Barcelona.