Enschede railway station

  • Zutphen - Enschede
  • Dortmund- Enschede
  • Münster- Enschede


The Enschede railway station is the largest railway station in the Dutch city of Enschede. The station is used by approximately 17,500 people a day ( 2009). He is a central hub in urban public transport. At the station, at national regional and long-distance trains as well as the cross-border regional trains to Dortmund and Münster.


The station was opened as the terminus of the line from Zutphen on 1 July 1866.

After the Münster- Enschede Railway Company on the basis of inability to pay the railway Münster- Enschede could not complete, the Company and the continued construction was taken over by the Royal Westphalian Railway Company. The last part of Gronau was built Dortmund -Gronau - Enschede Railway Company, together with the railway route Dortmund - Enschede and inaugurated on 15 October 1875. In 1950, the old station was abandoned and west of it, built on the site of the existing rail operations work until 1935, a new station with a concrete building. Of the four platform tracks three as head platforms were carried out.

Between 1940 and 1951 the passenger traffic as a result of World War II between Gronau and Enschede was interrupted. On September 30, 1979, the transport of goods between Gronau and Enschede was discontinued two years later they had their passenger.

The passenger trains from Germany ended on track 4, there was also a space for the presentation and customs control.

Since the track for strategic reasons has not been reduced, the passenger traffic between Gronau and Enschede was resumed on 18 November 2001 after restoration route since run again regional trains from Enschede to Dortmund and Münster. The track connection between the track from Germany and the Netherlands railway tracks but is still broken, the route ended in Enschede on a single head track (track 5) without direct access to the other platforms.

In July and August 2013, the station was completely rebuilt, the train service was six weeks with the exception of trains from Germany, set. The platform on the tracks 1 and 2 was extended to 340 m. Since its reopening on August 18, the German trains back on the track 4 Thus, the transfer is simplified. Although the track goes through 4, but two buffers prevent through traffic. The track 5 was dismantled.


In the year 2013 timetable run the following lines:

For tours to Germany also regional tickets of the Transport Community Münster (VGM ) and the NRW - tariff apply.