Ensign Racing

Ensign was a British Formula 1 team.

Ensign was reported for 134 Grand Prix races and was able to qualify for 98 starts with a total of 115 race cars. The best finish was fourth place of Marc Surer at the Brazilian Grand Prix in the 1981 season on a Ensign N180. In this race Surer also reached the only one for the Ensign team verzeichnende fastest race lap.

Some Formula 1 vehicles of Ensign were after they had been used by the factory team, was sold to private teams, they also reported to each Formula 1 race. This is especially true for the 1975, developed and manufactured in a single copy N175, the 1975 Roelof Wunderink and Chris Amon drove had; the N175 was passed in late 1975 to the former sponsor of the team, who enrolled him in 1976 and 1977 under the name Boro 001 with Team HB Bewaking system (Formula 1) with Larry Perkins and Brian Henton to some races. In 1978, the car appeared again in Mario Deliotti private team Racing.