Entrena is a Spanish town and a municipality ( municipio ) in the Autonomous Region of La Rioja. Entrena, located about 12 km south-west of Logrono, the capital of the Rioja region.


The place is located mostly on a hill, the El Conjuro is called. The height is between 500 and 600 m. The predominant part of the municipality lies in the glacial deposition plane of iregua. Its rivers carry little water and are rather insignificant.


The place is first mentioned in a document in 1044 under the name Ante Lena.


  • The Hermitage of Santa Ana is located about two kilometers along the road LR -137 in the direction of Navarrete. It was built in the 18th century and 1964 and restored in 2005.
  • The Convent of Santa Clara was founded in 1503 by De Arellano and his wife Juana de Zúñiga, Count of Aguilar and gentlemen of Camero. The first nuns who inhabited it came from Tordesillas, the first abbess came from the family Arellano. In 2001 the monastery was closed for lack of talent.
  • Parish Church of San Martin

The construction of the church began in June 1545 with the purchase of land and a house by the cathedral chapter of Entrena. The land was purchased for 13,500 maravedíes by Francisco Corral, a scribe of the king. The house belonged to the couple Francisco de Nalda and Beatriz González, who sold it for 6000 maravedíes. Originally called the Church of Santa Maria La Nueva. You got until much later its current name. Until the 18th century the church was again enlarged and renovated.

San Martin is a divided into four sections church hall. Between the sections that are closed at the top of each star vaults, there are internal buttresses that form bands simultaneously. This design results in a smooth exterior facade. The entire church is built of stone.

The inputs are located in the second section of the church. The northern entrance is held in the form of a circular arc, while the southern is reminiscent of a classical triumphal arch. Throughout the facade there are few windows.

Noteworthy is the high altar in the late Baroque style. Builders are José de San Juan y Martín, Juan de Peralta and Juan Martínez Zapater in the period 1702-1709.

The church is on the list of cultural monuments of the Rioja region since 1984.


The demographic development of Entrena 1900-2010.


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