Entrop was a Dutch bicycle and car brand.

Company History

The company ' s Gravemoersche Rijwielen -en Motorrijwielenfabriek from ' s- Gravenmoer was led by Marinus Entrop. From 1906 bicycles were produced. 1909 began the production of automobiles. In the same year, production ended. Of the four, only two produced automobiles were sold in the Netherlands, one in Brazil and one by the Dutch East Indies.

Rolling stock


The enterprises established tricycles, in which the individual wheel was forward. For driving caused an air-cooled engine, which was mounted behind the single front wheel. To select a single-cylinder engine with 417 cc displacement were and a two-cylinder engine with 813 cc displacement. The weight was 400 kg. To steer served a lever steering.


The four-wheeled model was more luxurious than the tricycle and could be equipped with a proper steering wheel.