Enveitg [ ɑvɛtʃ ] (Catalan Enveig [ əmbɛtʃ ] ) is a commune of the Pyrénées -Orientales in the Languedoc- Roussillon region. Administratively, it is assigned to the Canton Saillagouse and the district Prades.

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The southern French mountain village with 665 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) located in the Cerdanya landscape right on the Spanish border. Across the border lies the small town of Puigcerdà in Catalonia. Enveitg lies in the valley of Carol and run by the European Route 9 (equivalent in France of the Route nationale N20), which links Paris to Barcelona, ​​crosses.

Latour -de- Carol - Enveitg is the terminus of the narrow gauge railway Ligne de Cerdanya, which links Villefranche -de- Conflent with Enveitg. A shuttle train on this route is often referred Train jaune (yellow train ) or jokingly Le canari ( canary ) because of its eye-catching yellow paintwork of the local population. The cable car has become a magnet for tourists. The travel time for the total distance ( 63 km ) is just under three hours. The international trains to Spain to cross the border on site.


The name derives from the Latin Enveitg invidium, French, envie ' ( which Envied ' ) from.




The original Romanesque church Église Saint- Saturnin in the 12th and 13th century but was extensively modified in the 17th and 18th centuries. The surviving Romanesque windows in the apse are a French cultural monument since 1936.

The striking of the church are the sophisticated designed, triple window niches. The arches of the inner Archivolts are decorated with a Zopfgeflecht, a bead member is upstream. They are flanked by capitals, but the columns are not preserved. The voussoirs of the arches are bevelled and decorated with balls. On the outer sheets, a toothed Fries can be seen. Two half-columns are upstream and decorate the apse. Directly above the windows decorations are also attached from balls and braids.

The parts of the apse, which were added later, are built of rubble stone.

Dolmen of Bragoly

The Dolmen de Bragoly is a French cultural monument since 1936.

  • Church of Saint- Saturnin
  • Dolmen of Bragoly
  • Terminus of the Pyrenees Train jaune