Environmentalist Agrarian Party

The Agricultural and Environmental Party of Albania ( PAA acronym or PAASH; Albanian partia agrarian Ambientaliste e Shqipërisë ) is a political party in Albania.

Political orientation

It was founded in 1991 as the Agrarian Party ( Partia agrarian Shqipërisë e ) to represent the interests of farmers and small producers in urban and rural areas. In 2003, she called around and took the same time increasing environmental aspects into their programs.

The PAA sees itself as a party in the political center. It supports the economic development of Albania with a free market economy - in particular the development and modernization of agriculture and rural regions - taking into account the environment and the country's integration into the European Union and NATO (2009 joined ). For the environment, it is committed to the improvement of energy supply mainly with renewable energy, for an expansion of public transport, for the limitation of water and air pollution through legal measures and the protection of biodiversity in.

Election results

In the 1997 elections, the PAA reached with 0.8 % share of the vote for the first time a seat in Parliament. In 2001, she came up with 2.6 % of the vote on 3 seats, 2005, she was able to win another seat with 6.6%. In the 2009 parliamentary elections the party lost as a result of electoral reform, the smaller parties disadvantaged ( restrictive clause ), their seats and since then no longer represented in parliament.


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  • Founded in 1991