Enya [/ ɛn ʲ ə / ] ( born May 17, 1961 as Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin / ɛn ʲ ə pətrɪʃə n ʲ i ː vɾ ˠ i ː n ˠ a ː n / in Gaoth Dobhair, County Donegal, Ireland) is an Irish New Age musician and singer with up to 2008 more than 70 million sold worldwide albums.

The name Enya is the anglicized spelling of the common Irish first name Eithne, which is pronounced in the dialect of the home of the singer so. It means " little fire ".


Enya is the sixth of nine children of Leo and Maire ( called Baba ) Brennan. She has four sisters ( Máire / Moya, Olive, Deirdre and Bridin ) and four brothers ( Ciaran, Pól, Leon and Bartley ). She spent her childhood in Gaoth Dobhair. By the age of three years, Enya was raised in a purely Irish-speaking environment.

At the age of 11, she began together with her sisters in a convent to play the piano, mostly classical music. Later she attended boarding school. After the end of school education, she joined the band of her family, Clannad, at. After a short time, she left the band, however, together with Nicky Ryan, the former producer of the band, and went to live with this and his wife Roma in a house in Artane, north of Dublin. Since 1997, Enya lives in Dublin in a small castle called Manderley Castle (formerly Ayesha Castle), named after the castle in her favorite movie Rebecca. They are rarely interviews.


First Enya played in the band Clannad with three siblings and her two uncles. Mid-1980s, she launched her solo career.

The lyrics for Enya's titles are written by Roma Ryan, for the production whose husband Nicky Ryan is responsible. Your international breakthrough came in 1988 with the single Orinoco Flow ( Sail Away ), the number 1 in the UK and No. 2 ranked in Germany. The accompanying album Watermark was also a top 10 success in Europe.

How Watermark also received Enya's other albums Shepherd Moons (1991 ), The Celts (originally published in 1986, internationally re-published 1992), The Memory of Trees (1995) and the greatest hits disc Paint the Sky with Stars (1997 ) Gold or Platinum in the UK, in Germany and in the USA.

Only Time, which is used in the feature film Sweet November for the background music of a key scene was initially very successful. Gained international recognition of the title by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, when he was placed as background music at the television transmission. This reached the Only Time Top 10 of the U.S. Billboard charts, while the accompanying album A Day Without Rain also again went into the charts and climbed to number 2. Also in Germany sparked this renewed demand for the title of; Only Time went straight to number 1 in the German single charts. A few weeks later took the album A Day Without Rain, the top of the charts. Single and album were not nearly in other major markets such as the UK, France and Australia this success. Enya received the 2001 Echo for the most successful international single on the German market and a further nomination for the most successful album. The revenues generated through the song Enya donated the bereaved families of the victims and stop the firefighters of New York Fire Department.

In January 2002, she published May It Be, the theme song of the first part of the film series " The Lord of the Rings." While the single in the UK only just reached the Top 50, their new popularity continued in Germany on: May It Be was their second single in a row that went straight to No. 1 on the German singles chart. May It Be was also nominated for an Oscar. 2005 Enya released her album Amarantine, on the one developed by Roma Ryan Language Loxian was used for the first time.

A person chosen by Enya compilation of their greatest successes - On 20 November 2009 her latest studio album The Very Best Of appeared.

Your instrumentals Boadicea was used in concise two number-one hits than Sample: In Ready or Not by Fugees (1996 ) and I Do not Wanna Know by Mario Winans featuring P. Diddy and Enya. In addition, Boadicea was also used for the title Secret Love by Magnetic Pulstar and can be heard on the soundtrack of Stephen King's Sleepwalkers.

The music videos of Enya have strong affinity with nature, a strong connection to the sea and an old-fashioned - romantic soft spot. So dress up in some videos (especially those that arose in the 1980s and early 1990s ) Starring as Enya itself in a fashion, as it was customary for the Victorian period. Generally at their videos a slow pace, sometimes slow-motion effects to.


Studio albums

TV appearances

Enya appeared in 1997 in the television program The José Carreras Gala in 1997 with the single Only If and took there is also a prize. Furthermore, it was in January 2001 in the Austrian talk show guest and Vera presented there their new album. On January 21, 2006, she presented in Karlsruhe in the ARD Saturday night show Candid Camera? their single Amarantine. In addition, they had to Orinoco Flow and Book of Days also appearances on Top of the Pops. January 31, 2009 Enya joined in Salzburg in the ZDF show Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel entitled My! My! Time Flies! on.

With Anywhere Is she joined in December 1995, before Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.