Enzan, Yamanashi

Enzan (Japanese塩 山 市, -shi) was a Japanese city in the northeastern part of Yamanashi Prefecture.

Enzan is 388 m above sea level. NN 100 km west of Tokyo and 10 km north-east of the regional capital Kōfu. The city was founded on April 5, 1954.

Since 1 November 2005 Enzan merged with the city Katsunuma and the village of Yamato city Kōshū.

The area is well known for its vineyards and their fruit crops. It lies at the foot of the Chichibu- Tama National Park.

Since 1993 Enzan is twinned with the city of Ames, Iowa.

From the actor Tomokazu Miura Enzan comes.