Enzenkirchen is a municipality in Upper Austria in Schärding district in Innviertel with 1758 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). The municipality is located in the judicial district Schärding.


Enzenkirchen is located on 373 m altitude in Innviertel. The expansion is 6.9 kilometers from north to south, from west to east 5.8 km. The total area is 23.3 km ². 22.3 % of the area is forested, 70 % of the land used for agriculture.

Districts of the municipality

Enzenkirchen, Bimmersdorf, Goldberg, hacking, Heitzing, behind a mountain, Jagern, Kenading, wars, Lander Mountain, Matzing, Mühlwitraun, Oberantlang, Oberau, Oberhaigen, Oberleiten, Ratzenbach, Reiting, Ruprecht Mountain, Black Mountain, Straßwitraun, Ungerberg.

Coat of arms

Blazon: Under a red shield main, is three golden balls, in a blue silver, gold reinforced and winning grip with red tongue. Community Colours: White-Blue


Since the establishment of the Duchy of Bavaria, the place was Bavarian until 1779. A private church has been demonstrated in the 11th century. The present parish church was built around 1530. Enzenkirchen came after the Peace of Teschen with the Innviertel (then Innbaiern ) to Austria. During the Napoleonic Wars shortly Bavarian, it belongs since 1814 finally returned to Austria above the Enns. After the annexation of Austria to the German Reich on 13 March 1938, the village belonged to the Upper Danube. In 1945 the restoration of Upper Austria. By the end of 2002, the village belonged to the district court Raab, after its dissolution, she was assigned to the judicial district of Schärding.


Mayor is Franz Hochenegger of the SPÖ. Vice Mayor Johann Starzengruber, also of the SPÖ.

Population Development

In 1991, the municipality had 1748 inhabitants according to the census, 2001 then 1756 inhabitants.


  • Football and Tennis Club: During the football season 2006/2007 was built a new club building, including grandstand for the former sports club Enzenkirchen ( football and tennis). This was officially opened in the summer of 2007 and is in use since the autumn season.

Section head of the Football Association is currently Franz Lang with his deputies novel Auzinger and Manfred Zauner. Coach of the first team and the reserve since the beginning of the spring season 2010/11 Franz Parzer.

Culture and sights

  • Heritage House: The local museum owe the Enzenkirchner the merchant Richard Eichinger, who gave after being named an honorary citizen of Enzenkirchen in 1986 both the Mesnerhaus called home its 1983 late wife Anna, born Auzinger, as well as his now exhibited here collections of the community. A large part of the objects of folk art and religious traditions has collected Anna Eichinger. The house is known in the tradition as " rain stall". A found in the rain and therefore rain called foundling supposed to have had his abode here once. In 1994 it was decided in council Enzenkirchen under Mayor Franz Hochenegger, not to take the necessary renovation work on the house and after an inventory of exhibits ( documents of R. Eichinger did not exist ) so set up a home home. Besides the photos of Richard and Anna Eichinger, among others still photos of the sisters of Ms. Eichinger, who supported the couple in his collecting activities in the best possible way.