The Enz is a district in Baden- Württemberg. It belongs to the region of the northern Black Forest in the district of Karlsruhe. Its territory encompasses such a bottom open ring almost completely the urban district of Pforzheim, which is located in the county area in the middle. The Enz is bordered to the west and north by the district of Karlsruhe, in the north- east by the district of Heilbronn, on the east by the district of Ludwigsburg, in the southeast of the district of Böblingen and the south by the district of Calw.

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The Enz has a share in the northern Black Forest, Kraichgau, Stromberg and on Heckengäu. Through the circle area flows from the south the eponymous Enz, in whose catchment area is the largest part of the Enzkreises. In the northeast, it leaves the circle area in the direction Besigheim ( district of Ludwigsburg ), where it flows into the Neckar. Smaller river basins are those of the Pfinz in the west and northwest, the Alb in the south west and the hall or Kraichbaches in the north, which debouch into the Rhine.


In Enz there are the following protected areas:


The Enz was created by the district reform on 1 January 1973. At that time the old district of Pforzheim was united with the communities surrounding counties for Enz. Specifically, 20 places of the former district of Vaihingen, four places of the former district of Leonberg and 14 places from the district of Calw were incorporated. The old district of Pforzheim was incorporated up to three places in full Enz, however, until 1975, three sites were incorporated into the district-free city Pforzheim.

The Altkreise Vaihingen and Leonberg and the district of Calw go back to the former Württemberg top offices, which in 1938 recorded the time-resolved its top offices Maulbronn and Neuenbürg. The old district of Pforzheim in 1939 emerged from the Baden district office Pforzheim, at the same time was the city of Pforzheim circle.

Since then, Pforzheim does not belong to the circle area, however, remained the seat of county government until 1972 and was also after the county seat of the new reform Enzkreises. After completion of the municipal reform This includes still 28 municipalities, including the five cities Knittlingen, Maulbronn Neuenbürg, home home and the large district ( Muehlacker ). Based on the inhabitants largest city is Muehlacker, the smallest municipality is Wimsheim.

Population Development

The population figures are census results (¹) or official updates by the State Statistical Office of Baden- Württemberg ( only primary residences ).


The district is administered by the county council and the district administration. The district council is elected by the voters in the district for five years. This body elects the District for a term of eight years. This is the legal representative and the representative of the district as well as Chairman of the County Council and its committees. He directs the district office and is an official of the circle. His area of ​​responsibility includes the preparation of the district council meetings and its committees. He shall convene meetings, directs this and implements the decisions taken there. In the bodies he has no voting rights. His deputy is the first state officials.

District administrators

The district councils of the district Pforzheim 1945-1972:

The district administrators of Enzkreises since 1973:


Coat of arms

See also: List of coats of arms in Enz

District partnerships

There is a partnership since 1991 Altenburger with the county land in Thuringia, Reggio Emilia in Italy to the Polish cities / towns Myslowice, Chelm Slaski and Imielin and since 2007 with the Hungarian Győr / Moson / Sopron.


By the district leads the motorway A8 Karlsruhe -Stuttgart, several highways and state and county roads.

The railway networks of two state railways excluded in the earlier Baden -listed town of Pforzheim together. The Baden State Railways introduced 1859/61 the first connection from Karlsruhe to Pforzheim ago and they extended from 1863 to Muehlacker where they einmündete in the already ten years earlier completed line Stuttgart -Bretten the Württemberg State Railways. This company opened from Pforzheim from 1868 still a spur track to Wildbad and 1874 in Nagoldtal a distance to Calw - Horb. Only in 1914 did the connection path of Maulbronn West added to the city.

The Badische local railways Society joined Karlsruhe, Pforzheim from 1900/ 01 even more by a narrow gauge railway on Ittersbach. It was electrified in 1912, after the year before the city of Pforzheim had set up an electric tram. The city took over in 1931 the section from Ittersbach under its own direction.

In the far northeast of the new stretch of the Deutsche Bahn crosses since 1990 the circle. A boarding possibility in Vaihingen / Enz, in close proximity to Illingen / Enz.

An important railway node is the precinct. The district also is accessible by the light rail network Karlsruhe Albtal traffic Society: The line S 5 leads from Karlsruhe Pforzheim and Muehlacker to Bietigheim -Bissingen, the S 6 from Pforzheim to Bad Wildbad, S 9 of Bruchsal Bretten to precinct.

The Enz organized together with the city of Pforzheim and the transport companies to public transport by the transport company Pforzheim- Enz ( VPE). Are also valid for travel on the railway tracks between the area of the PU and the Karlsruhe Transport Association (CDV ) in the Enz rates of CDV.

County facilities

The Enz is the recipient of two vocational schools in Muehlacker, Ferdinand -von- Steinbeis School (Business School ) and Georg - Kerschensteiner school (commercial school ) and the school of nursing at the hospital Muehlacker and nursing assistance school at the district hospital Neuenbürg, also the two special schools Pestalozzischule Pforzheim and Comenius School King -Stein and the two schools for students with an intellectual disability Gustav- Heinemann- school in Pforzheim and school on Winter Rain in Ispringen.

The Enz is also shareholder of Enz -Kliniken gGmbH, which belongs to the regional hospital holding Neckar -Schwarzwald, which also includes the hospitals in the district of Ludwigsburg. The Enz clinics operate the clinic Muehlacker, the clinic Neuenbürg and the Geriatric Rehabilitation Hospital precinct.

Other infrastructure

Telecommunications / broadcasting

In Enz is the transmitter Muehlacker of SWR. About a kilometer outside the county boundary, but visible through its topographical location of much of the Enzkreises, also is the radio tower Lange Brand.


In Pforzheim- Arlinger is a 220 kV substation, in Pforzheim, a cogeneration plant.

Cities and Towns

(Population at 31 December 2012)


Agreed administrative communities and local government associations