Eo (river)

Ribadeo the Rio Eo

The Eo is a river in Spain which flows through the autonomous regions of Galicia and Asturias.


The Eo rises near the Galician province of Lugo in Baleira and flows predominantly in a northerly direction. At its mouth in the Cantabrian Sea between A and A Punta Punta da Cruz Niño do Corvo to Ribadeo it forms the Ría del Eo (also called Ría de Ribadeo ), which forms the border between Galicia and Asturias here.


  • Río Suarón
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  • Río Liñeiras
  • Río de RIOTORTO
  • Río de Trabada
  • Rio Montouto

Flora and Fauna

On the eastern bank of the estuary is on Asturian territory the Reserva Natural Parcial de la Ría del Eo, which is dominated by seagrass beds and large formations of rushes and reeds, the a variety of waders, ducks birds and gulls a home, but also a winter home give.