Eoban († June 5 754 or 755 at Dokkum ) was a fellow of the diocese founder Boniface. He is revered as a bishop and martyr.


Eoban was an English priest, who came to Germany with Boniface. In the frieze mission he served as choir bishop before he probably 754 bishop of Utrecht was.

On June 5, 754 or 755, he and his companions (after Willibald more than 50 people ) in the morning on the banks of the river Boorne at Dokkum (Netherlands) slain by pagan Frisians, on the day on which he baptized the confirmation of previously wanted to make Friesen from the environment.

Whether his death in the narrow sense was an ordeal, or whether it could also have been robbery, is more of a theological question. Recent studies come to the conclusion that the perpetrators were pagan Frisians, who were well aware of who they were dealing with, but also used the opportunity to loot.

Worship in Erfurt

After 756 the relics of Bishop Adalar and Eobans were transferred from Utrecht to Fulda and buried next to Boniface. They should have been then transferred to Erfurt in 1100 before. In any event begins at this time the worship of the companions of St. Boniface in Erfurt.

The relics of the saints sarcophagus Adolar and Eoban in Erfurt Cathedral is dated around 1350.

His designation as a saint is celebrated on July 7.