Reconstruction of the skull of Eocarcharia dinops

Eocarcharia (from the Greek: Eos = twilight, karcharias = Hai, dinops = fearsome eyes) is a genus theropod dinosaur from the group of Carcharodontosauridae. The animals lived in the Lower Cretaceous ( Aptian to Albian ).

Only the type species E. dinops been scientifically described ( Sereno & Brusatte, 2008).

Fragmented parts of the skull were discovered in 2000 in the Elrhaz formation in the Tenere Desert in the West African Niger. The discovery was jointly published by the Brusatte paleontologist Paul C. Sereno and Stephen L. 2008.

Eocarcharia is next to Acrocanthosaurus the oldest known Carcharodontosauridae. Its length is estimated at about six to eight meters.