Eochaid, son of Rhun

Eochaid (also spelled Eochu or Eochaidh ) was Scottish king 878-889 and ruled together with Giric. He was the nephew of his predecessor Aedh and cousin of his successor, Donald II

Eochaid was not entitled, according to board the Tanistry system the Scottish throne, because he was descended from the daughter of the royal line. However, since he had ambitions to the title of King, he allied himself with Giric to forcibly oust his uncle Aedh from power. But when he was king himself, he had to share with Giric rule over Scotland. It may be assumed that the two had not a good relationship to each other.

It is believed that Eochaid employed the services of his cousin Donald in claim to get rid Giric. But Donald climbed 889 the throne himself and forced Eochaid to go into exile. The date and place of Eochaid death are not known.

Despite the few existing information is considered certain that Eochaid was the first who granted independence from the state of the Scottish Church. The church had previously been subject to the laws and regulations of the Picts.