• Cox Habbema: Prof. Maria Scholl
  • Ivan Andonow: Daniel Lagny
  • Rolf Hoppe: Olo Valley
  • Vsevolod Sanajew: customer, the ATCO
  • Petar Slabakow: Pierre Brodsky
  • Wolfgang Greese: Council President
  • Holger Mahlich: Navigator
  • Benjamin Besson: Sima Kun
  • Evelyn Opoczynski: Associate of Scholl
  • Heidemarie Schneider: Associate Sima of customers
  • Arndt- Michael Schade: First accident technician
  • Harald change: Second accident technician
  • Jürgen Scharfenberg: Third accident technician
  • Herbert Dirmoser: Councillor
  • Kurt Hoehne: Councillor

Eolomea is a sci-fi movie of the DEFA and was founded in 1972 by director Herrmann Zschoche, based on a screenplay by Angel carriage stone, filmed. The film was produced with the assistance of film societies of the Soviet Union and Bulgaria.


Eight ships disappear in the vicinity of the space station " Margot ". The professor Maria Scholl granted together with the High Council for all other spaceships start a ban. Still, it manages a spacecraft to leave the Earth, and at the same time also cancels the radio contact with the giant space station " Margot ". Trigger all the strange events: Enigmatic encrypted Morse code from many light years away constellation Cygnus reach Earth. Your decryption gives the word " Eolomea ". There seems to be doing to be a planet. Maria Scholl goes on a risky journey to the space station " Margot " to solve the mystery. There she meets the unmotivated space captain Daniel Lagny into which they had fallen in love already in his last Erdurlaub. At the end it turns out that a secretly planned expedition sets off against the will of the government in stolen spacecraft after Eolomea. Daniel Lagny, who actually wanted to hang his job on the nail, is needed as a pilot and decides to actually for the long flight to Eolomea.


Behind the tangled sci-fi action and some cheap trashy scenes hides subtle irony and implied criticism of the system in this intelligent counter-proposal made ​​west sterile glossy productions, but unfortunately also with distinct lengths.

" Dominated in, The Silent Star 'and' signals ' the technique, the external image of the future, man more type character appeared unjustified small and rigid, because, penetrates car stone into the psyche of his heroes one, he tells her moving stories and destinies, so from the old experienced, kind pilotage Kun, who dutifully in space provides its service, but, yearns to Earth to his son, of the creative, forward-urging Professor Tal, who wants to solve the Eolomea puzzles in dubious and reprehensible alone so from the casually tomboyish cosmonauts Daniel Lagny, who has his career on, but without big words this is when new Cosmonaut dimensions are to conquer. This full-blooded man to life in conflict-ridden probation situations, challenging behaviors, quasi contemporaries of tomorrow. "


  • The film had on 21 September 1972 at the Berlin International cinema premiere and ran a day later on regularly in theaters. It was shot in 70mm format and ORWO Color. For sound reproduction, the six-channel Magnettonverfahren was applied.
  • As a voice actor had Manfred Krug ( Daniel Lagny ), Walter Richter Reinic ( Kun, the pilot ) and Hans -Peter Leinhos (Pierre Brodsky ) with. The robot voice came from Carmen - Maja Antoni.
  • Also in the film The Silent Star from 1960 there is a lunar base called " Luna 3".
  • The Galapagos scenes were filmed on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. At one point, is still a Bulgarian label to see.