Eosin B

  • 2,7- dinitro -4 ,5- dibromfluorescein
  • 4 ', 5' -dibromo-3 ', 6'- dihydroxy- 2 ', 7'- dinitro- spiro [ phthalan -1, 9'- xanthen ] -3-one

Brownish green solid


Good in water ( 300 g · l-1 at 20 ° C)

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Eosin B is a brownish- green dye selected from the group consisting of xanthene dyes, and may be used for dyeing textiles and paper. Next to the Eosin B and Eosin Y it is known which has a wider scope than B eosin. Eosin Y has the same basic structure as Eosin B, the nitro groups, however, are replaced by bromine atoms. The structure of eosin B is derived from fluorescein.


For the synthesis of Eosin B Eosin Y reacting with nitric acid can be used. Here, two bromine atoms are replaced by nitro groups.


Eosin B can be used for hematoxylin -eosin staining in histology and clinical cytology. In preparations stained with eosin B cytoplasm, collagen and elastin appear red, erythrocytes, however, red-orange.