Ephraim Katz

Ephraim Katz ( born March 11, 1932 in Tel Aviv, † August 2, 1992 in Manhattan, New York City ) was an Israeli author, journalist and documentary filmmaker, who is known primarily for his film encyclopedia, which first appeared in 1979.

Katz studied law and economics at the Hebrew University and later political science at Hunter College in New York and film at New York University. He was in Israel a film critic and reporter before he went to New York City in 1959. There he made documentaries for example, for CBS, and co-wrote a book on Adolf Eichmann and his arrest. There followed many other documentaries, films for school purposes and for the industry. He died of emphysema.

His life's work is the The Film Encyclopedia, which first appeared in 1979. The entire very extensive first output is from him ( at about 7000 lexicon Item entries). At the completion of the second edition of his death prevented him, but it was edited by his colleagues Fred Klein and Ronald Dean Nolen in 1994 and has since appeared in subsequent editions. In 1990 a paperback edition. The book is considered as an English standard work ( as before The Filmgoers Companion by Leslie Halliwell ).

He was married and had two daughters.


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