Epidermis (botany)

As epidermis (Greek epi about it; derma skin ) refers to a primary dermal tissue of the stem axis and leaves of higher plants. Main object of the epidermis is the protection of the underlying plant tissue. The epidermis is generally only of a layer of cells with particularly thickened outer wall. It has in addition a surface mounted on the epidermal layer of wax, the cuticle on. In some plants, such as conifers, it may also come to tertiary wall thickenings.

As a result of secondary growth in thickness of the epidermis of the plant can be destroyed and replaced by secondary dermal tissue. Rhizodermis the root is not generally regarded as epidermis, as it is produced and does not endogenously cuticle.

Epidermal cells are chloroplasts usually, other plastids may occur but quite. However, chloroplasts are found in the guard cells of the stomata and in the epidermal cells of ferns and some shade plants.