Eppenbrunn is a municipality in the southwest, in Rhineland -Palatinate. It belongs to the municipality Pirmasens country. Eppenbrunn is a nationally recognized health resort.

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To Eppenbrunn also includes the hamlet Ransbrunnerhof and the living spaces on the mutton Schachen, forest house Stüdenbach and High List.


Eppenbrunn is located in the German part of the Wasgau, which belongs to the southern part of the Palatinate Forest and forms a part of the Palatinate region. From the main historical mention there is the designation cleaver page for the place and some neighboring villages, which in 1792 joined the French Revolution. At the boundaries of the community include the 1.5 km long sandstone formation of Altschlossfelsen which located right on the French border, already has from the time of the Romans traces of a settlement. Nearby is also the forester's house Stüdenbach, which dates back to the 1734 mentioned Stüdenbacherhof and spit pond. Between Eppenbrunn and the French neighboring Roppeviller of Helmut Kohl hiking route, the former Chancellor likes and often uses private runs.


The annual rainfall is 869 mm. The precipitates in the top quartile of the detected values ​​in Germany. At 74% of the stations of the German Weather Service lower values ​​are registered. The driest month is April, the most rainfall comes in December. In December, falling 1.4 times more precipitation than in April. Precipitation varies little and are evenly distributed throughout the year. At only 24% of the monitoring stations, lower seasonal swings are recorded.


Eppenbrunn 1235 mentioned as Eppenburnen, the hamlet Ransbrunnerhof already in 1155 as Ransbronnen. Both at that time belonged to the monastery Sturzelbronn (Lorraine ) and then to the extinction of the line in 1570 to Zweibrücken - Bitsch. Then they came to Hanau -Lichtenberg and 1604 to Hesse -Darmstadt.


Parish council

The local council in Eppenbrunn consists of 16 council members, who were elected at the municipal election held on 7 June 2009 of personalized proportional representation, and the honorary mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the local council:

Coat of arms

The blazon of the arms is: " In divided shield above three red chevrons on gold, silver down brick water with blaufließendem water in the sign ."

The rafters come from originally the coat of arms of Hanau- Lichtenberg.

The flag is yellow - red.

Leisure and Tourism


Since 2008, the music festival Rock in the Valley takes place in Eppenbrunner Kurpark annually. Organized and hosted by the local arts and culture association Wasgau eV for all-day scale concert attracts many visitors from nearby France. In the year 2009, a Christmas edition of rock was held in the valley, which also met with positive response. Having no rock was held in the Valley in 2011 because of the re- launched Eppenbrunner Park festival, the festival will take place from 2012 on the site of Ransbrunnerhofes at Eppenbrunn now place again.


The men's team of bowlers Association Good Wood Eppenbrunn played in its heyday two years in the First Bundesliga.

The men's soccer team in the SG Eppenbrunn reached in the 2006/07 season the championship in the District Class South West Palatinate and rose to the District League West Palatinate. After three years in the district league Westpfalz the SG Eppenbrunn rose in the national league west in the 2009/10 season.


Eppenbrunn has the house of the guest, an extensive trail system, which is maintained by the Palatinate Forest Club and a red sandstone formation. In Eppenbrunn is the Vita Natura clinic, which is one of the oldest hospitals for Holistic Medicine in Germany.

From Eppenbrunn of leads on Eppenbrunner Bach to Bach Walschbronn Without Borders ( Ruisseau sans frontière ). This is a twelve- kilometer path which is provided with signs that make special features along the stream, such as a fish ladder, attentive.