51.7002777777780.11305555555556Koordinaten: 51 ° 42 'N, 0 ° 7' O

Epping is a north of London by about 11,000 inhabitants in the area of Epping Forest community in the southwest of the county of Essex.

The source connected to the metro network in London station (overground) is also the terminus of the Central Line. The continuation of the line to Ongar was closed in 1994 due to lack of profitability and is operated as a museum railway since 2004.

Since 1981, a partnership with Epping in Baden- Württemberg.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • David Byron (1947-1985), singer and frontman of Uriah Heep
  • Chris Burn ( b. 1955 ), pianist and composer
  • Dave Gahan (born 1962 ), singer and frontman of Depeche Mode
  • Philip Hammond ( born 1955 ), British business leaders, politicians of the Conservative Party and Since October 2011, Defense Secretary
  • Justin Keen ( born 1975 ), race car driver