Eppishausen is a municipality in the Swabian district of Lower Allgäu region and a member of the administrative community Kirchheim in Schwaben.

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Eppishausen lies in the Danube-Iller region, about 40 kilometers east of Memmingen.

Expansion of the municipal area

The municipality consists of the districts Eppishausen, Haselbach, Könghausen and Mörgen. To Eppishausen include the places Unteraspach, Elle Ried, Haselbach, Könghausen, Lutz Mountain, Mörgen and hamlets.


Eppishausen belonged to the Counts Fugger - Kirchheim. With the Act of Confederation, in 1806 the city became part of Bavaria. This line of Fugger placed himself voluntarily in 1806 the Kingdom of Bavaria. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, was born with the congregation of 1818, the current community.


On April 1, 1972, until then independent municipality Könghausen was incorporated. On May 1, 1978 Haselbach and Mörgen were added.

Population Development


Mayor Joseph is Kerler ( Gem. / F.Wgem. / F.Wgr. / Bürg.sch. ). The municipal tax revenue amounted to the equivalent of 832 k € in 1999, which amounted to the trade tax revenues ( net) converted 208 T €.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 9 July 1951 decision of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior.

Blazon: " In black, three ( 2:1) Asked silver bucket with gold hoops. "

The first documented in the 12th century mentioned place was after vorausgegangenem frequent change of ownership from 1470 to 1540 in the possession of the Lords of Tanneck. Eppishausen learned in that time, his first promotion, so that the community decided to take over the family coat of arms of the former lords of Tanneck.

The design and the design of the emblem realized a native of Munich - Solln Herbert Weichenhan.

Culture and sights


Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

There were 1998 in the field of Agriculture and Forestry 19, 261 in manufacturing and in trade and transport the four social insurance contributions at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the workplace 32 people. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 660 in the manufacturing sector, there was an operation in the construction of five plants. In addition, in 1999, there were 88 farms with an agricultural area of 2,136 ha, of which 717 ha of arable land and 1,420 ha of permanent grassland.


In 1999 the following institutions existed:

  • Kindergartens: 75 kindergarten places with 56 children


  • Vincent Hamp (1907-1991), biblical scholar, was born in Eppishausen