Eppley Airfield



The Eppley Airfield is an airport located in Omaha and the largest airport in the U.S. state of Nebraska.


The airport is located in the eastern Omaha on the west bank of the Missouri River, which also forms the border between Nebraska and Iowa. Through a geographic feature of the airport is almost completely surrounded by the territory of Iowa: A southwest of the present-day airport's lying flow loop was broken by a flood in 1877. The Supreme Court of the United States decided in 1893 that the resulting area of the present town of Carter Lake remains one of Iowa.


The Eppley Foundation of the Eugene C. Eppley Hotelier presented after his death in 1958, $ 1 million ( equivalent to 8.4 million dollars in today's money ) available to modernize the existing Omaha Municipal Airport; Eppley honor also received its present name of the airport.


In 2009, 4.2 million passengers used the Eppley Airfield, the largest airline was Southwest Airlines. There are scheduled flights to destinations within the United States.