Equestrian at the 1900 Summer Olympics

The in the French capital Paris as part of the World's Fair ( Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Paris) discharged International competitions for Physical Education and Sport ( Concours Internationaux d' Exercices Physiques et de Sports ) included competitions in equestrian sport that is part of the Olympic Summer Games 1900 ( Games of the II Olympiad ) were.

The IOC ordered three competitions in riding to the Olympic program of the Games of the II Olympiad. The exact number of participants in these three competitions can no longer be reconstructed. Only 15 riders from 5 nations are known by name. However, it started 50 more athletes, but it can not be ruled out that there were a number of multiple starters below.

Venue was the Place de Breteuil in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. The previously used for horse shows Palais de l'Industrie had to be demolished for a new building for the World Expo. Also, the Grand Palais was not available because it was used for the World Fair. The riding ring was therefore only a temporary. The competitions were conducted between 29 May and 2 June.

  • 2.1 Demonstrations of riding horses
  • 2.2 Carriage Driving


Hunting competition

Date: May 29,

The course had a length of 850 m, on the 21 obstacles were distributed with a height between 1.00 m and 1.20 m. In addition there was a moat of 4.00 m width.

Long jump

Date 31 May

The competition was held over a 4.50 m wide moat. Only four riders and their horses exceeded the required width of 4.90 m. All riders under this length were not measured or counted.

Jump up

Date: June 2,

Trissino competed in the competition with two different horses. He and Gardère shared the victory, because no one could reach a greater height. With his second horse he had the jump-off for third place, where Van de Poele overcame a height of 1.80 m.

Non- Olympic competitions ( officially disputed)

The determined by the IOC number of three Olympic events is controversial. In some literature and by well-known Sporthistorker view (eg Bill Mallon ) two more competitions to be added to the program of the Olympic Summer Games 1900.

Demonstrations of riding horses

Date 31 May

Four horses were awarded, the criteria used are unknown. However, it is assumed that a representative cross-section of the different characters of the horses were selected so that this competition not make the claim to a sporting contest presented, but rather must be considered as a horse show. Connections to today's dressage are very vague.

It also participated in the French rider Elvira Guerra. When published by the IOC number of 22 women who took part in 1900 in the Olympic Games, is after they do so. Considering the fact that this competition is not considered to be olympic, an official Olympic participation of Guerra should be excluded in principle.

Carriage driving

Date: June 2,

In this competition, the driver had on the lead buck a horse drawn carriage with two employees, a foursome over a distance of St. Germain on the Champ de Mars by Auteuil. The course was on public roads, was to the elegant tension for the city for the team to create. 31 coaches from 7 countries participated.