Equestrian at the 1912 Summer Olympics

In the V. Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 five competitions are held in the riding.

  • 2.1 Single
  • 2.2 team
  • 3.1 Individual
  • 3.2 team


The training had not yet been established at that time by far as an independent sport horses. Piaffe and passage were not required, instead of five jumps over up to 110 cm high obstacles were asked, one of which was the last one zurollende on the horse roller.


Further results of the German riders: 4 Charles of Oesterley to " Concor " 7 Felix Bürkner on "King" 11 Andreas von Flotow to " Senta " 12 Carl von Moers on " New Bank xx"

Show jumping


Further results of the German riders: 5 Sigismund Freyer on " Ultimus " 6 Willi Hohenau to " Pretty Girl" 9 Ernst Deloch to " Hubertus" 11 Ernst Grote at " Polypheen "



Given the close relationship between the Eventing and military only active officers represented their country on horseback. The horses again had to be their own service horses. At the start of 27 riders went from seven nations. The competition took place over five days. The first day consisted of a 55 -kilometer cross country, then the cross-country obstacle course followed in the 333 m / min. Pace. This was followed on the third day a hunting gallop over 3500 meters with ten light steeplechase jumps. On the fourth day the hunting competition was held and the last day of dressage.


Further results of the German riders: 5 Richard of Schaesberg - Tannheim to " ground swell " 8 Eduard von Lütcken on "Blue Boy" 15 Carl von Moers on " Mary Queen"